J.K. Slingerland
Department of Theoretical Physics
Maynooth University
Maynooth, co. Kildare, Ireland

Hi, I am Joost Slingerland . I'm a theoretical physicist working on topological phenomena in condensed matter physics and on their application to topological quantum computation.

I am an associate professor in the department of theoretical physics at the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. I am also an adjunct professor in the School of Theoretical Physics of the Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies


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    In Spring 2023, I am teaching

    In Autumn 2022, I taught

    Some history...
    In 2006-2007, I was a postdoc at UC Riverside, with Kirill Shtengel, as well as a long term visitor in theoretical physics at the Institute for Quantum Information at Caltech. Before that I worked at Station Q , Microsoft's research station dedicated to topological quantum computation, which was housed in the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB and then moved to the adjacent California Nanosystems Institute.

    Right now, I am not looking for a new job. Still, you are welcome to have a look at

    I also sing with Cuore (also on Facebook if that's your thing).
    I have previously sung with The Mornington Singers, Opus 7 Vocal Ensemble, Calton Consort, Canticum Anglicum and in church choirs at St. Michael and All Saints Church in Edinburgh and at All Saints Church in Pasadena.