MP468 - Computational Physics

Autumn of 2021   [semester 1 of 2021-2022]

Lecturer:   John Regan   (

This website is not maintained. Please see the moodle page for this course for up-to-date information.

Lectures and Tutorials

Lecture schedule:   (1) Thursdays 12-1, lecture   (2) Thursdays 2-4, lab

Previous exam solutions

Some previous exam solutions below.
The lectures, assignments, and problem collections should provide orientation for the topics to be addressed in the 2022 exam. (Some topics might be different from previous years.) In general however, exam questions will closely align with lab exercises and assignments.

MP468C 2018 exam with solutions.

MP468C 2019 January exam with solutions.

MP468C 2019 Repeat exam with solutions.

Lab Exercises

Lab 01 problems
For the lab on 30th September.

John Brennan's notes

John's notes for MP468:   John Brennan has written notes for some part of what used to be covered in this module.

Online external links

Hope some of the following are helpful. Please let me know if any of the links are broken!

Textbooks and other general sources

  1. General texts on Numerical Analysis/ Scientific Programming / Computational techniques:

    There are many, many textbooks covering aspects of numerical techniques. Some are listed or discussed below. Of course, not all topics of MP468C are covered in every textbook.
  2. Python-specific information/texts:
  3. Texts on specific subjects covered in MP468C:

    There are many texts on each of the following topics. In MP468C we can only introduce the basics of each topic, very superficially and very selectively. I list a (random-ish and very limited) selection of texts. Each of these texts covers the topic in far more depth than we can hope for in this module.

Unix/ linux tutorial

Unix tutorial prepared by Jonivar some years ago