Professor D.M. Heffernan M.A. (Dublin), M.S., Ph.D (Cornell).


Daniel Heffernan is the Professor and Head of the Department of Mathematical Physics at the National University of Ireland Maynooth. He was a Scholar of Trinity College, Dublin and received a first class honours degree in Theoretical Physics from the University of Dublin and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from Cornell University. He has held various positions over the years including being a Research Scholar at the School of Theoretical Physics of the Dublin Institute of Advanced Studies. In 1985 he joined the Physics Department of Dublin City University and in 1987 became Senior Lecturer in Physics. He assumed his present position in 1993. He has held many senior administrative positions including been a member of the Governing Bodies of Dublin City University and NUIM. His early research focused on fundamental studies in quantum electrodynamics, plasma physics and kinetic theory, in particular with application to possible x-ray and gamma-ray lasers. In the late 80's he worked on fundamental problems connected the the emerging science and technology of All Optical Computing. His research in recent years has focused on nonlinear physics and quantum and nonlinear optics, including, semiconductor lasers, bistability, phase conjugation (four wave mixing) in nonlinear media and the quantum dynamics of low dimensional systems. Throughout his career he has maintained a fundamental programme on the characterization of multifractal structures and classical and quantum chaos.


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Research students

S. Pouryahya
K. Allen
E. Green

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