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Low-Level Camera Properties

Camera graphics is based on a group of axes properties that control the position and orientation of the camera. In general, the camera commands make it unnecessary to access these properties directly.

What It Is
Specifies the location of the viewpoint in axes units.
In automatic mode, MATLAB determines the position based on the scene. In manual mode, you specify the viewpoint location.
Specifies the location in the axes that the camera points to. Together with the CameraPosition, it defines the viewing axis.
In automatic mode, MATLAB specifies the CameraTarget as the center of the axes plot box. In manual mode, you specify the location.
The rotation of the camera around the viewing axis is defined by a vector indicating the direction taken as up.
In automatic mode, MATLAB orients the up vector along the positive y-axis for 2-D views and along the positive z-axis for 3-D views. In manual mode, you specify the direction.
Specifies the field of view of the "lens." If you specify a value for CameraViewAngle, MATLAB overrides stretch-to-fill behavior (see the "Aspect Ratio" section).
In automatic mode, MATLAB adjusts the view angle to the smallest angle that captures the entire scene. In manual mode, you specify the angle.
Setting CameraViewAngleMode to manual overrides stretch-to-fill behavior.
Selects either an orthographic or perspective projection.

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